Improving efficiency and control with CGI Advantage

A client since 1985, Monterey County, CA was looking to modernize their aging ERP technology. After a competitive procurement process, the County chose its trusted partner CGI for its leading web-based CGI Advantage ERP solution, built-for-government functionality and 100 percent implementation success rate.

The challenge

Aging technology and manual, paper-based processing prevented the County from operating in an efficient, cost-effective manner. In addition, manual human resources processes, a stand-alone payroll system and lack of integration with the Financial Management system resulted in a high level of redundant data entry and data inconsistency.

Following an independent assessment by the Government Finance Officers Association, the County realized they needed to define a new organizational structure, establish a new Chart of Accounts and establish a fully integrated Human Resources/Payroll system. The direction from the County’s Executive Steering Committee was to find a vendor that would provide the best practices available for state and local government ERP. After evaluating available state and local ERP solutions, the County turned to its long-time trusted partner, CGI.

The strategy

The project began with a preliminary implementation assessment to ensure that the solution met the County’s unique needs.

"This highly collaborative process is a hallmark of CGI's implementation methodology and a very valuable experience for the County." - Ed Munoz, ERP Project Manager

This critical step in the implementation process brought together department financial managers, walking them through the web-based ERP application. Based on experience with the software and numerous governments across the country, CGI highlighted options for change to accommodate the County's requirements. For example, health, sheriffs, and social services departments rely heavily on programs and off-site funding – something those department heads would be paying very close attention to throughout the project. Once complete, the assessment served as the foundation for the official contract and project plan.

The results

In 2007, the County selected the web-based CGI Advantage ERP solution to improve efficiency and control. The County went live with Debt Management and Performance Budgeting in 2008, to accommodate their 2009/2010 budget. This allowed County departments to get first-hand experience with the new Chart of Accounts and organizational structure. Training Management, Investments and Financial Management all went live in 2009, followed by Human Resource Management in 2010.  The new, integrated CGI Advantage system enabled staff to focus on more critical tasks such as analysis.

Today 32 departments, including the County Hospital, use the centralized system, realizing the following benefits:

  • Reduction of paper-based processes through electronic transmission
  • Real-time access to accurate information
  • Increased autonomy when entering purchase orders, requesting payments, posting journal vouchers and monitoring workflow and approvals
  • P-cards allowing small purchase orders to be processed immediately, enabling more focus on volume discounts through quicker vendor payment
  • Ability to budget to a much lower level to quickly capture more information
  • for greater visibility and accountability  
  • Out-of-the-box integration between Human Resources and Financial Management to reduce redundant data entry and improve data consistency.

Looking forward

Monterey County continues to partner with CGI to keep up with the fast pace of today’s digital world. The County is currently planning an upgrade to CGI Advantage’s latest release.

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