CACS Enterprise supports high-volume credit processing for all consumer products and can be scaled to support new consumer credit products, as well as revised policies and evolving segmentation and treatment strategies.


With CACS Enterprise, clients benefit from the following:

  • Customer-centric processing for managing the customer relationship
  • One platform for default management of all products
  • Real-time analytics for advanced decisioning
  • Cell phone consent and calling time tracking to enforce and track regulatory policies
  • Channel integration to communicate with customers in the way they prefer
  • Reduced systems redundancy and total cost of ownership
  • Experienced integration and management partner


CACS Enterprise offers advanced workflow features, including the following:

  • Multi-user processing and role-based security to support multiple collection and recovery organizations and credit products
  • Flexible rules for defining workflows, collector and third-party assignment, and regulatory compliance
  • Cell phone consent tracking and ability to capture “best time to call” and “do not call” times
  • Easy-to-use browser-based collector interface
  • Collector call prompts that can be easily modified and include customer and account data to guide collectors
  • Complete history and permanent audit trail of all collections activity
  • Online correspondence definition, request and cancellation for automated letters, forms, faxes and e-mails
  • Multiple language and currency support
  • Centralized system control over mission-critical treatment decisions and policy enforcement
  • Controls for working accounts and online access messaging in accordance with allowable contact times and defined activity limits
  • Workout and forbearance program eligibility rules for consistent application
  • Custom data segments that allow the addition of new data elements and that can be used by all system processes, without programming
  • Real-time dashboard and reporting
  • Subsystem for management of accounts assigned to third parties
  • Optional Recovery Accounting Module that supports full financial account processing