Demand Side Management (DSM) and Energy Efficiency (EE) programs have become mission-critical endeavors with significant environmental and societal implications. Selecting the right partner significantly affects how vision becomes reality. Through Pragma®EFFICIENCY, CGI brings a proven and unique approach to its DSM/EE offering by emphasizing productivity and a detailed knowledge of the client’s business needs.


PragmaEFFICIENCY includes a range of features that include the following:

  • Designed and developed through industry knowledge and DSM/EE tracking specifications and continually enhanced through a broad client portfolio
  • Default requirement templates and use case inventories for accelerated business process design to increase flexibility and efficiency
  • Proven and mainstream enterprise-grade technology and best-of-breed approach to facilitate integration with client systems via open IT standards
  • Interface-driven and client-specific implementation approach supported by an open and extendable DSM/EE reference architecture and baseline logical data model


DSM/EE solutions must meet regulatory, business and technical requirements unique to each jurisdiction, utility and IT environment. Clients require a flexible, compliant solution to reconcile constantly changing variables. A commercial, off-the-shelf solution requires extensive customization and seemingly endless compromises. Meanwhile, the time necessary to design and build a complete solution from the ground up increases both cost and risk.

PragmaEFFICIENCY overcomes these challenges and includes the essential building blocks—process flows, data models, design templates and reference architectures—to meet your unique business needs and enable a faster time to market solution.

  • Over 10 years of successful system development and implementation experience
  • Deep industry expertise and solid, working knowledge of DSM and EE programs
  • Experience working with key stakeholders, regulators and vendors
  • Broad business process, analytical and technical expertise
  • Provided as a custom-tailored solution with the maturity of an off-the-shelf commercial product, PragmaEFFICIENCY’s toolkit allows clients to benefit from flexible, field-proven functionality

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