In today’s world of real-time information sharing, enterprises struggle to make their services and internal systems accessible to users as rapidly as needed. With regulatory, operational and fiscal pressures driving constant change, the challenge to achieve zero critical and major defects in interfaces and software has large corporations investing hundreds of millions of dollars annually to produce and test applications to minimize the cost and risk of financial loss, security intrusions, customer dissatisfaction and regulatory non-compliance. Since the cost of a defect increases exponentially with each lifecycle phase it goes undetected, the need for effective business-focused testing is imperative.

CGI’S Approach

CGI establishes a Testing Management Office (TMO) to effectively plan, manage, and report on all testing activities to ensure that schedule, service level and quality commitments are met. The TMO office works closely with the client to map their goals and objectives, define deliverables and acceptance criteria, and introduce a standardized approach to testing across the organization while incorporating industry best practices.


  • Accountability that stands the test of critical quality operations audits (ITIL®, CMMI, ISO)
  • Improved decision making and planning with quick access to realtime dashboards and results
  • Improved delivery, scheduling and throughput through applied test methodologies, automation and transparency
  • Early detection of critical defects reducing test cycles and improving customer experiences
  • Continuous improvement in resource utilization, cycle management and test case reusability