Maximizing an organization’s mobile platform with extended hardware flexibility can help respond to the ever-growing variety of mobile devices being offered for field service operations. Pragma®FIELD is CGI’s web-based mobile solution that helps extend the power of enterprise workforce management to your resources in the field.


PragmaFIELD offers a broad range of features including the following:

  • HTML5 support for cross browser, and mobile device compatibility.
  • Seamless integration with CGI’s PragmaCAD Mobile Workforce Management portfolio.
  • Full work order lifecycle management to extend the back office to the field with convenient, well-integrated workflows.
  • Configurable user-defined forms (UDFs) to help customize enterprise operational workflows and simplify data capture.
  • Priority-based optimization enables efficient and effective decision making for dynamic planning, scheduling and dispatching across the organization.
  • Secure connections with automated reconnects and resynchronization.
  • Open architecture delivers the same business logic across all supported platforms.


Benefits of PragmaFIELD include the following:

  • On-time completion of preventative, corrective and emergency work orders and service requests
  • Consistent process and data workflows during the work order lifecycle.
  • Flexible connectivity for fast, easy, and accurate data sharing across the organization.
  • Eliminates manual intervention with automated reconnects and resynchronization.

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