Comprised of a comprehensive web-based business intelligence platform, Pragma®CONSOLE provides powerful insight and access into critical data to help solve the challenges of data overload and inaccessibility to information. With real-time performance monitoring dashboards, PragmaCONSOLE seamlessly integrates data environments to drive business decisions for greater productivity, accountability and enhanced performance management.


PragmaCONSOLE offers a broad range of features including the following:

  • Bundled catalogue of crew, work order, regulatory, operational and customer charts and reports
  • Support for IEEE-1366 Electric Distribution Reliability Indices
  • Enterprise scalability
  • Secure role-based permission framework and integration to enterprise identity management
  • Seamless integration to relational databases
  • Live drilldown for in-depth analysis of data
  • Configurable event-driven alerts
  • Advanced analytical results with intuitive visual displays


Benefits of PragmaCONSOLE include the following:

  • Easily and effectively identify and address areas of operational inefficiency
  • Use operational data to meet and exceed customer expectations
  • Keep decision-makers informed of ongoing operational performance with regular, scheduled reports
  • Develop faster and fact-based decision making in real-time
  • Achieve deep end-to-end insight of the service chain for better forecasting
  • Eliminate time and resources spent on remedying data errors and manually compiling spreadsheet-based reports.

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