Workforces in the field need intelligent planning tools to support the response and flexibility that is expected of leading service delivery organizations. CGI’s Pragma®CAD Scheduling Optimization accurately analyzes business volumes and resource requirements critical in meeting the growing demands of a virtual connected workforce.


PragmaCAD Scheduling Optimization offers the following features:

  • Highly scalable for small or large mobile workforces
  • Optimization and redistribution of workload based on intelligent business rules, best practices and street-level routing
  • Continuous adjustments of service schedules in real-time
  • Master scheduling for varied business operations within the same organization
  • Best route optimization with turn-by-turn street-level directions
  • User-defined workflow parameters on an organizational level
  • Over-capacity and under-capacity monitoring


Benefits of PragmaCAD Scheduling Optimization include the following:

  • Centralize scheduling and dispatching operations
  • Reduced under and over staffing for increased productivity
  • Greater customer satisfaction through improved service levels
  • Improved overall reliability and efficiency of the organization
  • Match quality and productivity data with customer service needs
  • Flexibility to replicate, improve, and automate complex scheduling processes
  • Accurate enterprise-wide visibility of workload and availability

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