From customer contact to fieldwork completion, complex field service and reliability-centered operations require real-time consolidated data for maximum visibility of operational intelligence. CGI’s PragmaCAD® solution provides a flexible workflow automation environment for improvements in service availability, field productivity, and resource optimization critical to the growing demands of a virtual connected workforce.


PragmaCAD offers a broad range of features that include the following: 

•    Inter-departmental and multi-business dispatch coordination and management
•    Visibility and tracking for short- and long-term monitoring of work processes and field resources
•    Optimization and redistribution of workload based on intelligent business rules, best practices and street-level routing
•    Automation of resource scheduling, and workload and route optimization
•    Timely scheduling and planning results based on real-time information
•    Appointment scheduling and availability management for optimal capacity control
•    GPS tracking capabilities and dynamic online mapping
•    Store and Forward capability for data integrity where wireless out of coverage conditions are common


Benefits of PragmaCAD include the following: 

•    Proactive management of short- and long-cycle work 
•    Lower operational costs through productivity gains, reduced overtime and improved contractor management 
•    Improved appointment window reliability with effective capacity control 
•    End-to-end automation of routine and complex work 
•    Enhanced security and safety of field personnel 
•    Improved field productivity and response times 
•    Simplified business processes and user convenience 
•    Centralized dispatch, scheduling and planning operations 
•    Increased visibility, compliance and streamlined workflows

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