Over the past several years, enterprises pursued global outsourcing partnerships primarily to reduce operating costs. Many quickly moved to an offshoring model based on FTEs and Time & Material (T&M) pricing. Today, these enterprises recognize that labor arbitrage benefits of outtasking alone do not represent the full value of an outsourcing relationship. Instead, they seek partnerships based on mutual investment to further reduce costs, create sustainable value by aligning IT outcomes with business goals, and bring industry best practices, thought leadership and improved quality to the organization.

CGI solves the challenge

CGI’s Outcome-based Outsourcing approach is an outcome-driven relationship that puts business priorities and end-user experience at the forefront, while delivering better throughput and quality through more efficient processes and a strong governance framework for a fixed price with agreed service levels.

Proven approach

High-performing enterprises succeed where others fail by implementing effective IT governance. CGI’s governance framework ― the cornerstone of our value model that is focused on stakeholder alignment ― brings the rigor, transparency and control that is necessary for superior results.