CGI’s Intelligent Asset Optimization portfolio offers two distinct solutions for utilities to improve asset management and investment analysis with advanced financial modeling to facilitate a risk-based approach to strategic asset investment planning.

  • CGI’s ARM Asset Investment Planning (AIP) leverages enriched asset and work intelligence to provide optimal investment plans ready for design and scheduling. It offers a broad range of benefits that include the following:
  • Improved foresight with short- to long-term forecasts of asset performance and costs.
  • Extensive library of asset decision-making models.
  • Streamlined end-to-end processes with integrated enterprise systems.
  • Intelligent asset and financial decision-making based on asset performance and risk constraints.
  • Seamless interoperability with CGI ARM Suite for added business intelligence and scheduling capabilities.
  • InfraModex uses a rigorous financial framework and risk methodology combined with unique

analytical algorithms to help drive informed investment decisions for improved asset performance and sustainment. Its key benefits include the following:

  • Advanced decision-making based on combinatorial criteria versus personal judgment
  • Measured impact of current annual investments on service levels
  • Probability assessments of achieving financial and service level goals
  • Validation of infrastructure investments to ensure sustainability
  • Standardized decision-making and communications between stakeholders

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