CGI’s InfraModex offers a unique investment strategy development approach to help deliver sustainable energy networks for current and future customers while maximizing their financial performance and meeting their regulatory obligations.

InfraModex supports a utility’s efforts to efficiently leverage available data, know-how, standards, and best-practices to develop focused asset management strategies linked to their specific asset base, business objectives and constraints in order to secure the investment necessary to execute them successfully.


Benefits of InfraModex include the following:

  • Increase revenues - InfraModex allows utilities to demonstrate to Regulators the relationship between revenue constraints and possible network performance, thus favoring the approval of proposed investment plans.
  • Increase profitability – InfraModex empowers utilities to reduce OPEX and/or CAPEX expenditures (or better distribute spending between them) as well as to optimize economic return on asset investments while respecting risk and level of services mandated by their Regulator.
  • Maintain a long-term strategic outlook - InfraModex helps improve the sequencing of asset replacements to better coincide with technological lifecycle and ensure that the long-term consequences of short term decisions are diligently considered to prevent future “investment walls”
  • Document internal best-practices and systematize their adoption across the organization - InfraModex ensures the systematic and efficient documentation, through clear decision tree models, of key asset management know-how from often soon to be retiring experts
  • Improve internal collaboration & synergy – InfraModex increases engagement from across the organization and helps secure buy-in from different stakeholder groups by objectively and transparently arbitrating competing demands for limited capital with their direct input
  • Improve integration and overall efficiency of asset management processes and systems – InfraModex integrates with other asset management systems such as ERP or project portfolio management solutions which fosters coherence, retroaction and efficiency from strategic planning all the way to project execution
  • Align with ISO 55000 - InfraModex ensures alignment of organizational objectives with asset management strategies, plans and activities across the whole life cycle of assets as well as other key concepts defined by the ISO 55000 standard.
  • Streamline planning and auditing process

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