Claims expertise powered by analytics

Our enterprise-wide claims FWA solution, CGI ProperPay, is bolstered by robust data analytics to help you efficiently predict hidden patterns and anomalies within the entire claims data universe to identify claims with high
potential for recovery. This analysis allows your Special Investigations Unit (SIU) staff to easily work on these claims through a series of edits.

ProperPay uses Microsoft Cortana Analytics Suite to harness machine learning, perceptual intelligence and the cloud for predictive healthcare. As models are exposed to new data, they incorporate this information to produce even more reliable, repeatable results.

Our web-based claims audit tool is unique because it is designed to your specific business rules and reimbursement methodologies, to help you: 

  • Identify—Designates the claims with the highest potential for revenue optimization
  • Predict—Uses advanced algorithms to predict potential hidden patterns and anomalies
  • Manage—Tracks the entire audit process so you can spend more time on the review process
  • Analyze—Provides analytical tools to allow for easy claims research data auditing

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