CGI provides collateral management functionality that is fully integrated with CGI Trade360’s current global transaction processing platform. CGI Trade360 Collateral Management leverages a global workflow infrastructure, reference data structure and transaction processing functionality

When a customer says, “I need the bank to provide structured/commodity financing based on complex collateral structures.”

With CGI Trade360, the bank is able to provide end-to-end structured/commodity finance deals to support trade and finance products using complex collateral structures.

Deal types:

  • Repurchase agreements
  • Borrowing base
  • Warehouse financing exchange

When a bank says, “How can I more effectively manage the regulatory compliance and market risks of my structured/commodity finance business?”

With CGI Trade360 Collateral Management, the bank has real-time visibility of its entire collateral portfolio, including:

  • Deal and portfolio market valuation
  • Portfolio concentration exposure
  • Loan to collateral value ratios
  • Reconciliation to physical stock
  • Denied party screening
  • KYC/AML support

When the bank needs to take its collateral processing to a new level

CGI Trade360 provides a global collateral platform with robust capabilities and streamlined processing, including:

  • Full deal lifecycle support
  • Traditional trade and open account support
  • Global database for all collateral
  • Customer onboarding
  • Manages required documents and related events
  • Flexible definition of collateral data and types
  • Real-time reporting
  • Rule-driven mark-to-market
  • Rule-driven commodity pricing
  • Allocation of collateral to members of syndicated/participated facilities
  • Local and global workflow and imaging support
  • Denied party screening and exception processing

Key Features

The new collateral management key features being integrated into CGI Trade360 include the following:

  • Capture and tracking of all collateral management documentation
  • Capture of deal data and details of collateral being financed
  • Activities to manage the collateral
  • Automatic revaluation using market feeds
  • Automatic reconciliation to collateral manager feeds
  • Powerful reporting capabilities, including the ability to assemble profiles and ratios in relation to the aggregated collateral being financed