Supporting the digital transformation in utilities: Facing the paradigm shifts

The change
Energy-related utilities are experiencing a major business transformation as the world changes its approach to the use of carbon-based energy. Transmission and distribution networks in particular are facing a significant transition as they adapt to the need of matching demand with intermittent supply. They must now deploy new technologies, drive more collaborative business models and engage the customer to actively participate in managing their new energy systems.

The opportunity
Many utilities have already woken up to the need for a better understanding of how the coming paradigm shifts will impact their businesses. In particular, there is an increased interest in evaluating short-term opportunities and long-term planning. Value creation is also moving towards downstream segments of the value chain such as distribution energy management and flexibility services. This opens the opportunity
to accelerate the pace at which innovation is integrated to build a smarter, digitally-integrated ecosystem. It also drives opportunities to influence the industry’s regulatory models to adapt to new ways of doing business, ensuring that the wider benefits of interacting with consumers are fully captured.

How CGI’s solutions address utilities’ challenges
We believe utilities need to take a holistic approach to smart grid-related investments, looking at all the benefits that this technology can provide through an interconnected and integrated approach. The solutions and software incorporated will need to be developed through a deep understanding of utilities’ end-to-end market requirements. These need to support evolving legacy systems, add innovation, improve system flexibility and facilitate the integration of systems, processes and people. CGI’s solutions incorporate our unique combination of knowledge and experience of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT)—resulting in mature products and the co-creation of smart grid solutions for the future. This is demonstrated in our own intellectual property (IP) based solutions, spanning OT and IT, and also by our long track record on business consultancy and systems integration services.

Our vision 
There is really no single answer on how to best achieve this evolution as it depends on multiple dimensions. However, from our vast experience of a diversified smart grid customer base, we have identified fundamental common approaches that lead to a successful transition. We call organizations that follow this approach Optimized Network Utilities.

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