Perfect Plant

Create a single view of your manufacturing operations

Your customers, staff and suppliers—they all have different demands that need to be met. What if you could seamlessly link them together to create a single view across your entire manufacturing operations? New ways to improve efficiencies would become self-evident. You could see which assets are well used and which are not. Costs could be reduced, along with your prices, enabling you to become more competitive.

Combining our expertise in manufacturing IT services and SAP solutions, CGI has developed a Perfect Plant approach to manufacturing operational performance, enabling our clients to achieve the following benefits:

  • Link all aspects of their operations to gain a big-picture view and enable them to implement change faster
  • Identify and implement improvements to manufacturing performance to increase efficiencies, cut costs and speed up time-to-market
  • Provide a clear picture on their performance to ensure the maximum ROI from their systems

We use tried and tested frameworks, tools and systems, including our Manufacturing Atlas service portfolio, Baseline for Manufacturing Improvements (BMI), SAP MII Dashboard, SAP ME, manufacturing execution systems and more. The end result is operational efficiency, innovation and excellence, driving cost savings, growth and profitability.