Full IT Outsourcing

Freeing business executives from managing daily IT operations

Faced with considerable economic and competitive pressures, more and more business executives are turning to full IT outsourcing. With CGI’s model, we oversee the execution of IT operations while the client retains full control over their IT strategic functions, enabling them to focus on aligning IT strategies with their organization’s business objectives.

CGI helps transform IT into an optimal, highly effective and reliable resource while keeping costs as low as possible. IT operations require major investments in technology, systems, infrastructures and management tools on an ongoing basis. To obtain optimal performance, IT operations must be executed based on a factory-type delivery model that requires critical mass and the recurring use of best practices. That’s what sets CGI’s full IT outsourcing apart—we have perfected this delivery model from decades of experience. As a result, clients that have benefited from our service offering enjoy the following rewards:

  • Significant savings while retaining control of strategic IT functions and entrusting CGI with full responsibility for delivering IT services
  • Predictability, transparency and control over costs
  • Service levels tailored to business needs
  • Application of best practices, governance principles, and industry tools and practices that improve service delivery, project delivery and productivity
  • Value-driven global delivery to achieve optimal pricing and generate recurring savings, while leveraging our client proximity service delivery approach for relevant IT activities
  • Access to professional resources and skills that add value and stability to operating environments
  • Access to a broad base of technology, industry and domain expertise by leveraging CGI’s IP-based solutions and industry knowledge
  • Redeployment of client personnel to business projects more closely aligned with the organization’s mission and regular activities

Proof of Concept

Through a preliminary study (proof of concept), CGI can demonstrate the feasibility of full IT outsourcing while committing to deliver identified benefits. This preliminary study, conducted without any client obligation, includes the following:

  • A six-to-eight week timetable
  • A confidential process involving two or three client and CGI senior participants
  • An evaluation and validation of the client’s data
  • Discussions regarding the solution approach and transformation strategies
  • A presentation of the proposal to business executives, including CGI’s savings and governance commitments