Domain expertise

Enhanced outsourcing reliability through technology and industry expertise

CGI’s IT outsourcing services draw on more than 35 years of expertise, enabling us to understand our clients’ activities in their respective fields and propose solutions that make the most of their technology investments. Our industry and technology expertise gives our clients access to specialized, in-depth knowledge that can help them optimize and transform their IT operations.

Industry expertise

CGI provides outsourcing services in every economic sector for which we possess in-depth technical and business expertise, ensuring that we fully appreciate our clients’ business realities and can offer the expertise and solutions they need to achieve their objectives. We have experience in a variety of sectors, including the following:

  • Financial services — Helping financial institutions, including most major banks and top insurers, reduce cost, increase efficiency and improve customer service.
  • Government —Supporting over 2,000 government organizations in reducing costs and improving the efficiency, quality and accountability of public services, all while increasing citizen engagement.
  • Health — Helping more than 1,000 healthcare facilities, hospitals and departments of health implement solutions for better care, better business and better outcomes.
  • Manufacturing — Driving global competitiveness and profitability for global manufacturers in multiple sectors, including aerospace, automotive, and mining and metals, as well as high-tech electronics/semiconductors, pharmacy and food/beverage
  • Oil and gas — Helping our clients extract more value from every aspect of their supply chains, with our 2,000 professionals working in 24 locations around the globe
  • Retail and consumer services — Serving 250+ retailers, including some of the world’s largest retail brands
  • Communications — Supporting the transformation of – and maintain 1,500 applications for – 6 of the 10 largest global telecom service providers
  • Transportation —Delivering end-to-end IT transport and logistics services, from consulting to full IT outsourcing, along with specialized IT aviation, rail and postal services
  • Utilities — Partnering with 8 of the 10 largest utilities in Europe and delivering asset, resource and workforce management systems for 60 of the top utilities in North America

Technology expertise

CGI’s global centers of excellence and specialized technology practices are made up of highly-skilled professionals who can recommend, design and implement the best solutions for your business.

Our expertise spans across key services areas—business consulting, systems integration services, full IT outsourcing, application management, infrastructure services and business process services—and encompasses the latest  technologies offered by both large and niche solution providers, as well as our own 100+ IP-based business solutions.

CGI’s centers of excellence and specialized practices have earned the highest industry certifications and have a strong track record of innovation and client satisfaction. As a result, we help clients maximize value by increasing their capabilities and by creating competitive advantage.