CGI ICE program

Harnessing innovative ideas for our clients

Over the last decade, many organizations have emphasized cost reduction as a primary business strategy at the expense of investments that will ensure long-term, digital transformation viability. Yet organizations that have elevated innovation as a strategic priority have outdistanced their peers across key measures, such as profitability, customer satisfaction and operational performance. CGI helps clients make up the distance by delivering innovation that works.

CGI’s ICE (Innovation, Creativity and Experimentation) Program harvests, generates, assesses and funds innovative ideas to benefit our clients. The program promotes and supports a culture of innovation, whereby our experts are encouraged to be creative in improving ways of doing things and in finding solutions for clients, from coming up with new ideas to reusing and advancing solutions developed in the execution of client projects.

Once an innovation is submitted—whether through our internal ICE portal, via workshops with clients or other means—the innovation goes through a process that provides ongoing collaboration, assessment, visibility and accountability to enable the best innovations to rise to the top.

“Calls to action” and “On-the-job innovation” initiatives to accelerate your top priorities

At CGI, we refer to the phrase “tangible innovation” to demonstrate our focus on innovation that extends beyond ideas into real-world, practical and outcome-driven solutions.

At any moment, across the company, we have as many as a dozen ICE program “Calls to Action” taking place whereby we pose a business challenge or opportunity—whether it be in relation to an industry, service or new technology—and ask for our members’ ideas, and their contribution to others’ ideas, for a solution. Our members also are encouraged to submit “On the Job Innovation” proposals, which include projects or assets they developed while working on client or internal projects. For both initiatives, each submitted innovation goes through a process that includes:

  1. Collaboration and assessment by member’s peers
  2. Business unit selection based on client proximity needs
  3. Innovation Council review and prioritization
  4. Funding
  5. Development of prototypes and demos, or generic assets
  6. Client demonstration of the proof of concept or marketing of the new asset

This open and collaborative approach encompasses CGI’s local and global business processes to assemble the best ideas and test them against real-world scenarios to produce innovation that can be readily implemented to deliver your expected results.