CGI in India – Transportation

Meeting evolving market and customer demands

From aviation and rail to road transport, CGI partners with transport companies across the globe to meet evolving market and customer demands. In India, our experts develop and implement technologies that improve transport operations and ensure a superior passenger experience. Understanding the transport industry and our clients’ unique challenges, we have a track record of driving the results our clients expect.

Our expertise not only includes advanced CRM and personalization of services, but also business intelligence and analytics to optimize operations and enhance the passenger experience. We also implement mobile and cross-channel technologies to drive internal and customer engagement for our clients, generating increased revenue, operational efficiencies and productivity.

Our services delivered from India include development of mission critical systems for railways, advanced traffic management systems for road transport and customer experience management for airlines. Through our centers of excellence in India, we help clients implement enablers to reduce the “run” costs and execute on “change” program to become digital organizations.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Ticketing and loyalty
  • Mission critical applications for railways
  • Travel portal
  • Passenger experience management
  • Advanced traffic management systems
  • Geographic information systems
  • Location based services
  • Journey planning
  • Business intelligence and analytics

Key highlights: