CGI in India – Oil and gas

Driving efficiencies and profits

The oil and gas industry relies on a broad spectrum of cutting-edge technology for finding, producing and distributing petroleum reserves. Yet back-office processes are typically managed by legacy systems that are inefficient and costly to maintain.

In India, CGI combines industry expertise, end-to-end IT services, and proven oil and gas solutions to help clients build agile and cost-effective infrastructure that achieves new levels of efficiency. We also manage back-office functions, allowing our oil and gas clients to focus more on reaching new frontiers.

Our teams in India provide end-to-end services to the oil and gas companies covering upstream (wells and reservoir management, remote equipment monitoring), midstream (gas transportation management) and downstream (fuel cards platform and cards management). Through IT modernization and portfolio rationalization, we help our clients reduce the cost of running their IT systems.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Exploration and production
  • Gas transportation management
  • Remote equipment monitoring
  • Reservoir, drilling and wells management
  • Fuel cards management
  • Emissions management and sustainability
  • IoT / M2M
  • Business intelligence and analytics

Key highlights:

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