CGI in India – Innovation

Ingenuity that delivers real value

At CGI, innovation means discovering new ideas and opportunities for driving business success. We collaborate closely with clients and partners to understand business challenges and goals, and apply technology in innovative and pragmatic ways to develop solutions that deliver real results.

In India, we work on innovative solutions across multiple technology areas and industries. We take our innovations to market and have earned industry recognition. Our Emission Monitoring System (EMO) solution, for example, has been recognized as one of the top 10 game-changing solutions in the world. We’re passionate about finding the best possible solutions to solve our clients’ business challenges.

Innovation, Creativity and Experimentation (ICE) Program

CGI’s ICE program demonstrates our ingenuity in identifying gaps and delivering solutions to fill them. The program harnesses ideas by funding proof of concepts that create value for CGI and our clients. ICE supports CGI’s existing processes, people and infrastructure — and member participation is the cornerstone of success.

Each of our ICE chapters around the world focuses on specific themes relevant to business/ client demands of a given Business Unit. ICE in India, for example, is focused on building next-generation digital solutions with specific attention around automation, mobility, cloud and analytics. ICE in India also places a lot of emphasis around ‘incremental innovations’ (continuous improvement) with demonstrable ROI of more than $1M in savings for our end-clients. ICE welcomes clients, partners and members alike to collaborate on ideas through external and internal events.

CGI’s investment in innovation has led to numerous patents.