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India is CGI’s largest operation with over 11,000 professionals working in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Our centers of excellence in India are an integral part of CGI’s global delivery model, supporting 125+ clients across the globe and in various industries. Each center has a strong focus on new technology, quality assurance, and achieving results for our clients, which creates an exciting and challenging place to work.

A culture of ownership

CGI takes the view that all of its professionals are “owners” of the company, empowered to share in the risks and rewards of building a world-class IT company. Employees are referred to as “members” to emphasize this concept of ownership, and more than 85 percent are company shareholders through CGI’s share purchase plan.

CGI’s culture of ownership creates a work environment that promotes innovation, collaboration and openness. Members are encouraged to grow in their careers and provided opportunities for training and development.

Health and wellness

There is strong focus on the health and wellness of our members. A wide range of activities are organized as part of the 'Oxygen' program - CGI's global health and wellness initiative. We also organize a range of customized events to promote healthy eating, participate in local marathons, and engage in various other health and wellness activities.

In addition, CGI provides gym facilities, healthy cafeteria food, day care facilities, and a doctor and counsellor on call at each location in India.

Giving back and having fun

Sparsh is the heart and soul of our Corporate Social Responsibility and social events in India. They are a group of enthusiastic members who organize CSR activities, hobby clubs, sporting tournaments, cultural events and other activities that bring members together, both to make a difference and to have fun.