Translational research

Supporting complex genetic datasets for better patient care

Increasingly, life sciences organizations are using genetic research to improve patient care. This research is also advancing the concept of personalized medicine where actions are customized for individual patients based on genetic or other data. While this journey is just beginning, there is full recognition that the datasets are large in volume, complex in structure and highly sensitive in nature.

Citizens are understandably concerned about the security of their genetic data. Yet the possibilities of unlocking this data are extremely compelling. Better understanding the molecular nature of disease and treatments to combat diseases will lead to better diagnoses and treatment. Better understanding of drug interactions within the body can avert toxicity issues, leading to fewer deaths of patients with genetic profiles that are risk factors.

We seek to maximize the natural data resources held by some of our most advanced clients and help them collaborate more closely with pharmaceutical companies, as well as retain the best human capital by providing world class research opportunities for doctors and other health professionals.

CGI has a proven track record in hosting complex and sensitive data, whether for military intelligence, earth observation or patient care. We also understand that custodianship of such data is a great responsibility. As the trend in genetic profiling grows, CGI can be trusted to manage this data with due care and attention.