Pharma and life sciences

Supporting research, development and delivery

Blockbuster drugs are few and far between and generics are competing for a larger share of market, pressuring pharmaceutical companies to achieve greater efficiencies and cost savings. Leading-edge firms are using sophisticated IT processes to speed development of new drugs, shorten time to production, and make smarter use of transport methods to get drugs to the people who desperately need them, quickly and affordably.

Increasingly, pharmaceutical companies are affected by regulatory changes, in both pre- and post-license domains. The evolution of virtual markets for over-the-counter (OTC) medicines has already started in Europe, and manufacturers will need to restructure their existing routes to market, aiming more directly at the consumer.

CGI has worked with leading pharmaceutical and life sciences firms to make these transformations, from early stage development, to data capture, to submission to regulatory bodies and even late stage development. Our solutions help client organizations reduce costs, while keeping on top of compliance demands.

CGI has experience in helping pharmaceutical companies manage a diverse R&D pipeline, from driving SAP across their businesses to helping them understand how to participate in the new markets that are evolving.

Experience and expertise

  • For a large French pharmaceutical company, CGI developed a flexible and interactive workflow solution integrated with their global order application
  • For an international Swiss pharmaceutical company, we worked on data cleansing as a part of data migration process
  • For a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Germany, CGI provided maintenance and development of a risk management tool, knowledge management application and software solution to manage biological entities
  • We supply clinical biochemistry and pathology solutions to Danish hospitals
  • Our solution for managing BioBanks is delivered as a cloud offering
  • We have worked with leading pharmaceutical firms to automate and unify their compound logistics processes.