Workforce development solutions

Today's economic challenges require the workforce development community to fully recognize the needs of the jobseeker, the employer, and the local One-Stop. The current climate necessitates workforce entities to face a reality of doing more with less and to address the all-too-common practice of working in independent silos, which often hinders benchmark achievement and limits success with clients.

Since 1994, CGI has developed linkages with and among workforce stakeholders and offered its customized expertise by working alongside state and local governments, jobseekers, employers, vocational training institutions and other providers to enhance One-Stop management, operations, and performance. CGI develops real-time solutions through the CGI Workforce Toolbox – a toolbox that focuses on assessment, project delivery, and evaluation while acting as a catalyst for...

Jobseeker Services

  • Providing unlimited access to career decision-making and job search tools through core and intensive service levels, allowing jobseekers to manage their own job search and career choices

Employer Services

  • Connecting employers and jobseekers to achieve successful job matches; proven track record in achieving high job placement and retention rates

One-Stop Management/Integration

  • Offering shared best practices and procedures that streamline the delivery of services for our clients

Customized Workforce Curriculum – The Wave of Change

  • Crafting a comprehensive roster of workshops that resonate with jobseekers and recognize needs of employers; enrollment in CGI workshops often leads to accelerated employment for participants

CGI helps clients meet the challenges of guiding today's jobseekers into new employment and educational opportunities, resulting in improved quality, productivity and competiveness of the nation's workforce. Our proven track record has led to CGI becoming one of the industry's foremost experts in the administration of Workforce Investment Act (WIA) policy.