U.S state and local government

Why CGI?

We deliver BIG TIME.

As a leading systems integrator and IT services partner and for governments and large enterprises, CGI is entrusted to build and manage solutions for our clients' most complex and fundamental operations. 

Scale. Focus. Flexibility. Quality. Strength.

Scale: CGI has managed multi-stakeholder projects that meet the demanding requirements of complex government and commercial organizations with an outstanding record for on-time and on-budget delivery. Our comprehensive global network enables best-fit delivery options. This includes secure U.S. data centers and U.S. onshore IT delivery centers that bring quality jobs to local communities.

Focus: At CGI, we know that making an impact takes focus and dedication. That is why we are not all things to all people. We concentrate our end-to-end services on select market sectors, including government and healthcare.

Flexibility: CGI is known for our flexibility and a willingness to share the risk in developing, delivering and supporting solutions for our clients. We enable clients to avoid large capital outlays and, in effect, implement solutions that fund themselves.

Quality: CGI's management and governance frameworks provide a consistent approach to quality and satisfaction. As a testament to the results we deliver, we have achieved client satisfaction scores above 9/10 for the past decade.

Strength: CGI is proud of 40 years of profitable growth and strong balance sheet. Our solid profitability, cash flow and backlog demonstrate our focus on running a sound and stable business for the long term.