Procurement solutions for U.S. state and local government

Reducing the costs of goods and services

CGI works directly with government procurement staff to achieve millions of dollars in cost savings that can be used to cut taxes instead of programs, or to increase services instead of costs. We have proven our ability to identify, create and sustain savings across these decentralized, complex entities.

Our focused expertise includes

  • E-procurement technology: CGI implements state-of-the-art e-procurement technology to reduce transaction costs while improving efficiency and compliance.
  • CGI Advantage Procurement: Part of the built-for-government CGI Advantage ERP suite, this solution increases buying power, streamlines processes, increases accountability and fuels greater decision making by transforming the end-to-end purchasing process for procurement professionals, vendors and shoppers.
  • Government procurement process improvement analysis: CGI reviews client workflow and approval processes to determine if they are being done properly and efficiently under current legal and regulatory requirements. We also make recommendations to streamline these processes or to rewrite statutes, policies or regulations to make the procurement process more efficient.
  • Procurement outsourcing: CGI helps organizations transform their procurement functions and takes responsibility for some or all of the day-to-day activities, leaving clients free to focus on the more strategic aspects of procurement and helping them meet their financial and operational objectives.