Regulatory management for U.S. state and local government

Saving time and improving service with CGI Advantage Regulatory Management

State and local governments are required to process massive volumes of permit and license information. Paper-intensive processing, decentralized systems and inconsistent data greatly limit their ability to perform this vital role. Fortunately, there is a cost-effective alternative.

Electronic permitting and licensing

CGI Advantage Regulatory Management is an easy-to-use electronic permitting and licensing solution that helps state and municipal agencies save time, prevent errors and improve service provided to the regulated community and to the public. Automated workflows streamline and accelerate the entire permitting process, from completing and processing applications through fees and billing. Uniform procedures and formats improve efficiency and ensure compliance, across locations and departments.

This secure, web-based platform is built exclusively for state and local government. Its flexible dashboard greatly simplifies case management, monitoring of workloads and tasks, and tracking of incidents and complaints while providing instant access to supporting documents and a complete audit trail. Self-service transactions and permit/license types can be created to fit agency and legal requirements, wherever permits, registrations, licenses, certifications and other approval documents are managed and recorded. Any license, registration, permit and inspection type can be supported. Some examples include: 

  • Building and housing permits and inspections
  • Land use permits
  • Fire safety inspections
  • Well and septic permits
  • Hunting and fishing licenses
  • Waste hauling and disposal permits
  • Asbestos removal licenses
  • Licenses to operate businesses

CGI Advantage Regulatory Management solutions manage more than 1.5 million active permits and licenses, and collect more than $500 million in fee revenue per year. The solution has dramatically reduced submission error rates, permit processing times and manual efforts.

TEMPO360 solution

eGovernment regulatory compliance portal

Regulatory agencies are also experiencing increasing pressure to streamline service delivery to the public and industry. CGI’s Regulatory Services Portal (RSP) is the solution to these challenges, providing a portal solution with robust out-of-the-box features that enable significant operational efficiencies and savings across the enterprise. RSP enables rapid deployment of new online services to allow the regulated community to interact with the government regulatory organization. The result is businesses and individuals can apply for licenses, permits and registrations and pay for them online. For the government organization the burden of data entry is reduced, and often automation can reduce the time necessary to process applications. The result is more rapid and efficient services to the regulated community, and reduced burden on the government organization.