Natural disaster recovery services

Expediting support and action at critical times

When a major disaster strikes, the federal government makes relief funding available to state agencies responsible for recovery programs. That money must be put to work quickly in compliance with federal regulations. But when housing, commerce, physical infrastructure and other vital services are disrupted or non-existent, it is difficult for states to even know where to begin. CGI provides solutions and expertise to manage and facilitate the complex challenge to support the long-term recovery process.

CGI natural disaster recovery solutions and services are designed specifically to help state agencies manage the distribution of federal funds to rebuild homes, businesses and communities. Based on our successful support work in Louisiana, New Jersey and New York, we offer technology-based systems complemented by deep expertise in funding programs and a proven ability to manage large, complex relief projects.

The goal is for citizens and authorized contractors to get needed funds quickly, efficiently and transparently. Read our Natural Disaster Recovery and Reporting Services brochure to learn more.

Key offerings include:

Disaster recovery playbook

Based on our experience working with multiple states executing disaster recovery action plans, CGI has developed a policy and procedures playbook for states to use to expedite program implementation. The playbook, consisting of pre-defined options, helps state agencies quickly stand up operating procedures for administering a natural disaster recovery program.

Disaster recovery information and financial reporting system

For states administering long-term recovery programs, we developed a proven system for managing thousands-to-millions of emergency funding applications and disbursements, while ensuring federal compliance. Adaptable to unique program requirements, the system has been perpetuated by state-to-state cooperation and features:

  • Highly-automated workflows to minimize application processing time, enforce compliance, and report program results to federal agencies
  • A web dashboard to simplify management of funding requests while enabling citizens to complete applications for assistance and track status online
  • Business process management software integrated with data warehouse and business intelligence systems for in-depth analysis of funding distribution and outcomes
  • CGI’s secure government cloud infrastructure which reduces setup time and complexity, and provides the 24/7 reliability needed for a large-scale disaster recovery program.

Assisting with critical business processes

A major challenge in the aftermath of a disaster is providing emergency housing for individuals and families. CGI offers expert knowledge of funding programs for housing assistance, building on our experience as a leading U.S. housing contract administrator and public housing management and consulting firm. We apply that knowledge to help states provide emergency housing assistance promptly to those who need it. Our staff can perform many day-to-day professional services such as operating hotlines, inspecting units, negotiating with real estate brokers, contracting with landlords and other essential services that are part of a successful housing assistance program.

Sending alerts and messages

For organizations seeking to automate the delivery of SMS (text), voice and email messages to internal or external audiences, CGI Notify is a cost-effective interactive service for sending and receiving such notifications.