Public safety and justice

Enabling better information and efficiency for a safer society

Today's public safety and justice organizations recognize the need to modernize so that they can improve citizen engagement and increase operational efficiency. Knowledge is the key, from sharing information securely with other agencies to effectively leveraging insight from social media. Given ongoing budget pressures, integrating and consolidating information is also a critical area of focus.

CGI has built a deep understanding of criminal justice and public safety challenges across Europe and North America based on close relationships with our clients in this sector. Our integrated solutions help these clients adopt modern and efficient work practices to support crime prevention and community policing; crime detection and analysis; courts, prosecution and probation; judicial administration; and border management.

Public safety and justice organizations partner with CGI for better information management, both in real-time and through the networks of associated agencies. We apply our cyber and enterprise security expertise to help them deliver multi-level secure systems. And we deploy innovative technology, such as cloud and mobile, to improve back-office efficiency and information accessibility. Supported by CGI, these clients have taken significant steps to transform their operations, increase citizen engagement and ultimately create a safer society.

Experience and expertise