Future cities and regions roadmap

Practical steps for smarter, sustainable operations

Cities and regions are launching transformation programs designed to improve citizen services and increase resource efficiency in response to significant challenges. Linking a vision to specific objectives and defining a roadmap are key steps.

CGI partners with local governments around the world to develop roadmaps and solutions for smarter, more sustainable operations. Our methodology can be a useful approach, supported by tools designed to make the process participative and easy to follow.

  • Step 1: Introduction to create awareness among city or region stakeholders for the potential of using innovative approaches and technologies to address city challenges.
  • Step 2: Assessing the current position of the city or region against international standards like ISO 18091, which focuses on aligning public policy and services to citizen needs and is a starting point to implement a quality management system.
  • Step 3: Both long- and short-term measurable objectives are developed or reviewed in an iterative brainstorming approach with the city or regional leadership team.
  • Step 4: Using ideas generated in Steps 1-3, as well as best practices and case studies from other jurisdictions, the high-level roadmap is developed and projects are prioritized according to their value to the city’s or region's objectives
  • Step 5: Business case, project evaluation and management tools are used to evaluate and schedule each individual project to confirm return on investment, funding sources and timing.
  • Step 6: Projects are deployed according to their priorities and a coordinated program management approach.

Following implementation, a periodic reassessment of the roadmap is needed to make sure the vision and objectives are still valid, the execution is evaluated, and any required changes can be introduced.