Environmental and energy management

Improving compliance, collaboration and accountability

Governments worldwide face complex challenges in protecting human health and the environment, conserving natural resources and improving energy efficiency. CGI delivers proven environmental and energy management technologies and has expertise to help agencies achieve their stewardship and sustainability goals. We also promote environmentally-oriented practices at CGI through our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

CGI's experience supporting environmental agencies and their missions in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific has included:

  • Numerous programs for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Chemical data management and hazard communications for a U.S. federal agency
  • Compliance solutions for 11 U.S. state environmental agencies
  • Integrated climatology data system for the Québec Environment Department
  • Consulting for a European national meteorological service
  • IT services in Australia for the Department of Climate Change and the Victorian Department of Sustainability & Environment

Our focused environmental and energy management solutions support the following:

  • Air, water and waste monitoring, pollution prevention and climate analysis to provide an enterprise ambient environmental monitoring and assessment repository
  • Permitting, compliance, inspection and enforcement to provide an integrated solution for U.S. states with TEMPO360®.
  • Energy management to help organizations make effective decisions about energy and other resources use through our web-based EnergyIT monitoring and analysis tool and our U.S. federal facility optimization and sustainability framework
  • Open source data exchange to help members of the U.S. National Environmental Information Exchange Network meet their data exchange, collaboration and decision making needs with CGI Data Exchange Node 2.0
  • E-government portals to provide regulatory agencies with a common platform for delivering complex e-government services with Regulatory Services Portal (PDF)
  • Government ERP financial management, budgeting and performance systems to transform the business of government by modernizing and integrating administrative and financial systems
  • Regulatory compliance to assist industry in meeting the challenge of global regulatory compliance with solutions such as ProSteward360®

TEMPO360® is a registered trademark of CGI Group Inc.