CGI and Governing Institute

A Field Guide to Smarter Communities
A strategic, incremental approach to digital, connected and people-centric government

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Smart technology is changing the way cities, counties and regions across the country are doing business. This field guide provides practical tips, checklists and testimonials from government leaders who are turning to these technologies to digitally transform their communities. Building a smart community isn’t about branding or even about technology. It’s about understanding the real priorities of your community; establishing a collaborative governance structure; enabling civic transparency; and thoughtfully applying digital tools, technologies and strategies to achieve those goals.

Download the guide and learn how U.S. communities are implementing smart technologies to provide vital government functions resulting in more reliable, responsible citizen service.

CGI and U.S. state and local government

Since 1976, CGI has solved complex IT problems with a collaborative approach based on shared values with our public sector clients. As citizens adapt to changing technologies in their daily lives, so too must governments evolve how they use technology to improve citizen interactions and increase efficiency for vital government functions.

CGI helps state and local governments use technology and data to simplify and speed operations, make better decisions and transform how they operate and serve. We offer flexible, incremental modernization approaches that use modular components to reduce risk, better adapt to change and deliver earlier benefits. Learn more about CGI's U.S. state and local services

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