CGI's integrated solutions help governments adopt modern and efficient work practices to support crime prevention and community policing; crime detection and analysis; courts, prosecution and probation; judicial administration; and border management.
Rotterdam, the Netherlands, March 6, 2017 - Helping to ensure a safer society since 2009, CGI’s Burgernet solution will be enhanced with digital technologies to handle more citizen participants and incidents

Public safety and justice organizations partner with CGI to deploy innovative solutions using data, analytics, cybersecurity, cloud, IoT, mobility and more, to advance their missions in:

  • Crime prevention and community policing
  • Crime detection and analysis
  • Courts, prosecution and probation
  • Judicial administration
  • Border management
police officer
  • Designed, built and currently operate the Police National Database, serving all UK police forces with 2.5 billion+ records, supporting 4.6 million+ searches
  • Provide secure cloud infrastructure for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Work with the Quebec Ministry of Justice to enhance and manage records management

1.6+ million people participate in Burgernet community policing in the Netherland


30,000 users of frontline applications for UK Ministry of Justice


25,000+ athletes worldwide use the World Anti-Doping Agency mobile app developed by CGI