GTB (Global Transaction Banking)

Building the global transaction bank of the future

The demand for transaction banking services continues to rise, and industry analysts are predicting continued expansion over the next decade. Every year, CGI interviews a large number of our banking clients face to face, and the overwhelming consensus among them is the need to invest in transaction banking to exploit current and future opportunities. 

For the second year in a row, CGI has also sponsored gtnews' annual transaction banking survey, and the views of global transaction banks (GTBs) and their corporate clients confirms the same—the future of transaction banking  holds great promise and the time is now for making the right investments to build and grow a successful transaction banking business.

Based on our work with transaction banking clients across the globe and our nearly four decades of experience in the financial services market, CGI has developed and implemented key strategies for building a successful transaction banking line of business, as well as a comprehensive transaction banking maturity framework that outlines essential capabilities. We invite you to explore each in this section, as well as assess your own GTB maturity level and capabilities using our interactive tool.

In addition, download our GTB vision paper for even more comprehensive insight on GTB trends and strategies, or contact one of our GTB experts at