Corporate and investment banking

Long-term growth through IT transformation

To better compete, wholesale banks are developing strategies to create long-term business advantage. CGI works with the world’s top wholesale banks and understands the key challenges they face today, including the following:

  • Substantive cost reduction (transforming cost structures)
  • Risk and regulation (adapting to new rules and ensuring control)
  • Competitive differentiation (differentiating services to target profitable customers)
  • Return on equity (achieving promised returns on equity)

Addressing these challenges requires a fundamental change in IT—a new IT paradigm that helps strategically position wholesale banks for future growth and success in an ever-changing market.

CGI has developed a three-pillar strategy for achieving IT transformation, which is helping corporate and investment banks across the globe reach their strategic goals. This proven approach encompasses the following:

Pillar one: Design of a program to reduce costs and achieve regulatory compliance

  • Implement CGI’s Management Foundation to run IT as a business
  • Design and plan a transformational IT program
  • Provide specialized risk and regulatory compliance consulting

Pillar two: Program execution

  • Execute through corporate and investment banking centers of excellence
  • Focus on architecture, master data management and process improvements
  • Validate through testing factories

Pillar three: Run IT as a business

  • Establish industrialized operational management and governance
  • Provide production management and real-time monitoring
  • Ensure effective KPI/SLA management
  • Provide technical application and release management

Our experts guide clients through each step of the transformation process, ultimately enabling them to achieve massive cost reductions while benefitting from a next-generation, agile IT platform for the future.

Why CGI?

We understand our clients’ business and IT challenges, and offer vast experience and a proven track record in achieving IT transformation and expected business results. Our key differentiators include the following:

  • 1,600+ professionals dedicated to wholesale banking, backed by a vast and highly skilled network of IT professionals worldwide
  • 360 IP offerings to support wholesale banking IT transformation
  • Track record of reducing costs by 20% and up, with substantial additional savings being achieved through our nearshore and offshore delivery options
  • Consistent approach and best practices to minimize risks and increase productivity and flexibility
  • Local skills and accountability backed by an extensive global delivery model with onshore, nearshore and offshore delivery options

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