Embracing new models for the future

Sell-side capital markets and investment firms are undergoing radical change. Key challenges, including increasing their return on equity (ROE), complying with tighter regulation, dealing with the effect of new technologies, and improving cost-to-income ratios, are motivating sell-side executives to reconsider how they do business and how they can embrace new business models.

For many sell-side firms, legacy technology and operations are no longer a competitive differentiator, but rather a cost burden. Across the market, there is a major move to standardize business processes, adopt standardized platforms and move to a consumption model for technology and operations.

Sell-side players see highly streamlined and automated capabilities as a lever to reduce operating costs by up to 40%. With technology no longer viewed as something unique to a particular firm, shared service models addressing non-differentiated processes, both within and among firms, are being explored.

Why CGI?

CGI helps leading market players address these challenges and drive competitive advantage. We are one of the few companies that can offer the reach, domain expertise, technology and end-to-end IT transformational services to create new business models, ensure operational excellence, drive efficiencies and save costs. We have experience in simplifying and modernizing complex application landscapes while helping businesses adopt industrialized IT management practices.