Bank consumer survey

Understanding financial consumers in the digital era

Leading retail banks understand the power of digital technology and how essential is it to their success. Although retail banks have been investing in digital channels and capabilities, many want to improve their return on investment. In guiding the digital transformations of clients across a wide range of industries, including retail banking, CGI has discovered one common denominator for digital success—thinking from the outside in.

Successful digital transformation begins on the outside with an analysis of customer preferences and behavior and leads to major customer-centric changes within the enterprise driven by digital technology. It’s more than taking existing bank processes and presenting them in app form. It goes to the very heart of the business, with the objective of revolutionizing the customer experience.

CGI’s global bank consumer survey

To support our retail banking clients in better understanding their customers and succeeding at digital transformation, CGI commissioned an independent online survey of financial consumers across North America and Europe to explore what they really want from banks and how satisfied they are with their current bank services. The survey reveals that a majority of consumers want digital services and there is very little variation based on age or income. Digital is now and for everyone.

Survey methodology

CGI surveyed 1,244 consumers across North America and Europe to learn about their banking preferences. The survey was conducted by Research Now, one of the world’s leading digital data collection firms.

We surveyed respondents of different ages and income levels to assess whether preferences were influenced by either demographic factor. While we focused primarily on high-street retail bank consumers (80 percent of respondents), we also surveyed consumers whose primary financial relationships were with credit unions, savings banks and building societies (20 percent of respondents).

Survey findings and recommendations

CGI’s global financial consumer survey is intended to help guide clients in developing customer-centric, outcome-driven digital strategies. For detailed survey findings, insights and recommendations, we invite you to read our survey report, or view the one page summary.

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