Pedro Carmo

With more than 21 years of global experience in the energy and utilities sector, Pedro Carmo serves as a consulting expert, helping to identify client challenges, propose transformation roadmaps and deliver innovative solutions to achieve business outcomes. Currently, he leads business development activities for CGI’s Renewables Management System (RMS) across the UK and North America.

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Making green hydrogen a viable strategy to drive decarbonization

August 12, 2021 Green hydrogen is fast emerging as a promising strategy to drive decarbonization and achieve climate goals. It uses electricity from renewable energy sources to split water into hydrogen and oxygen using a process called electrolysis. During this process, no CO2 is produced, making it one of the ...

The green road ahead for oil and gas

June 23, 2021 With mounting consumer pressure, scientific evidence and support from influential governments to address climate change concerns, it is rapidly becoming apparent that for oil and gas companies around the world, there is no other road to take than the green road.