European Utility Week 2018

CGI is attending European Utility Week (EUW) 2018 November 6-8 in Vienna to share how we enable utilities to drive enterprise-wide digital transformation. We invite you to come by our stand A.b16 and meet our experts.

Our team will share insights on how we work side by side with utility clients, helping them develop a clear vision and roadmap for crossing the digital divide through the integration of people, processes and technologies across their organization.

During the event, our experts will share information on our consultancy expertise and systems integration services, as well as showcase demos of our key digital solutions around three main themes—network operations, central market systems, and production and generation—which are accelerating improved business performance for utilities worldwide.

To obtain a Visitor Pass for the European Utility Week 2018, please register via this link and book a meeting with one or more of our experts.

Network operations

Demo: MaEVA
Subject matter expert: Adrien Micol and Bernard Barrere

CGI MaEVA solution brings digital transformation to the maintenance domain. Whether it is a power plant or wind turbine, our video-assisted maintenance and expertise solution enables local maintenance teams to connect with remote experts to solve issues quickly and proactively. Learn how CGI’s collaborative, digital maintenance solution can help you achieve cost savings and improve efficiency.

Demo: Sm@rtering

CGI Sm@rtering is a next-generation meter data management (MDM) solution that helps utilities manage their advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and supports network operations. From meter communications to monitoring and controlling the AMI and distribution electrical networks, Sm@rtering offers a modular approach that makes it possible for utilities to realize the benefits of a smart grid infrastructure.

Demo: Energy Island Vision

CGI’s vision of the future of energy helps to inspire and foster collaboration with market parties to shape a set of first steps to accelerate the energy transition. We see an ‘energy island’ having widely available renewable energy at low prices, carbon-free vehicles, a balanced micro-grid, and improved synergies across the distributed energy system and more. Here, blockchain can play a crucial role in connecting the energy resources within and between energy islands.

Central market sytems

Solution: Central Market Facilitation (CMF)

Liberalization and deregulation are driving competitive energy markets around the world, with utilities competing for customers and market share. The success of these central markets depends on commercial infrastructures that bring systems, data and market participants together to facilitate the efficient sale and purchase of new and innovative energy products and services. In this way, Central Market Facilitation can be seen as the transformational platform for digital transformation across the entire energy system.

Production and generation

Solution: Renewables Management Systems (RMS)

CGI’s Renewables Management System (RMS) is a solution for the operation of wind, hydro, photovoltaic and other renewable energy power plants. It is an operational platform used to streamline the management and control of your growing renewable energy portfolio, while fully supporting your business. Find out how RMS can support your utility with effective management of a diverse portfolio of assets, increasing production, profit margins and improving real-time visibility.

Demo: Energy Retail 360

CGI ER360 solution brings digital transformation to the energy retail domain. Whether your drivers are more efficient straight through processing, a growth agenda, or a lower cost to own, CGI ER360 can provide you with the answers. Based on market leading components, and supporting the complete end-to-end customer journey, these solutions are becoming a de facto product set in the UK market. Learn how CGI’s ER360 solution can transform your business.

Demo: Miles

MILES is CGI’s exclusive fault detection, localization and diagnosis solution, designed to generate clear and timely insight on distribution system faults that are the source of outages. Learn how MILES enables grid operations and planning to provide restoration crews with timely and accurate information, as well as comprehensive insights on the root cause of outages, enabling cost reductions from coordinated maintenance activities and reduced capital spend.

Our utilities experts will also be on hand to discuss the value propositions around the following digital enablers and solutions:

  • Blockchain
  • Chatbots
  • Robotic process automation
  • Intelligent automation
  • Sustainability and clean energy
  • Smart Buildings
  • IOT
  • Cybersecurity
  • Drone technology
  • 3D modelling

Sm@rtering Advanced Metering System (AMS) is an innovative solution from CGI that offers out-of-the-box functionalities to manage and supervise advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). It also enables utilities to leverage the capabilities of AMI in other business areas, such as active distribution network management.

RMS helps plant managers, owners and teams to monitor, operate and boost the performance of renewable assets, including wind, solar PV and hydro power plants. Currently managing nearly 15 GW of renewable assets across the globe, RMS provides a single solution for your full renewable energy portfolio and includes features such as:

  • Automated diagnosis of underperforming generators
  • Real-time visibility to increase energy production
  • Predictive maintenance for asset lifetime extension