Join us at the 2020 Global SAFe® Summit

We are excited to be a sponsor of the 2020 Global SAFe® Summit. There is no better place to connect with SAFe practitioners around the world, and we hope to see you there. See us on the Summit sponsor page. Learn more about the Global SAFe Summit.

Be sure to check out these demos and presentation by Craig Wallace, Vice-President, Strategic Offerings and Partnerships

Tuesday, October 27

9:10am - 9:30am (EDT) - Maturity Tool demonstration

Wednesday, October 28

9:35am - 9:55am (EDT) - Strategic Alignment Tool demonstration

2:55pm - 3:15pm (EDT) Partner Showcase: Joining the Dots: From strategy through delivery to value

Connect with us.

Among the CGI experts attending the summit are:

  • Denae Amato leads the DevOps enablement team of a government disaster recovery solution. She oversees the strategy and operational approach of implementing lean agile, DevOps and quality engineering transformation.
  • Cristian Baigorria has 20+ years of experience working in the IT, government and financial Industries as a consultant and program manager, and 10 years’ experience leading agile transformations, and coaching and mentoring leaders and teams.
  • Anju Baraya is an agile coach, trainer, and practitioner with 20+ years of IT project experience in government and commercial sectors. She provides transformational guidance, trainings and hands-on coaching for all organization levels.
  • Amit Butail specializes in DevOps, lean agile transformation and coaching with more than 17 years of experience in IT programs and projects across both government and commercial sectors working in distributed agile team structures.
  • Mike Dougherty has 25+ years of experience with software development and product leadership. He is published under the “Built for Success” column in magazine and held the position of Vice President in the Agile Leadership Network.
  • Steven Lacroix has 20+ experience in leading and managing all aspects of the software delivery cycle. This includes agile and DevOps transformation engagements for Fortune 500 companies and SAFe implementations, methods and training. 
  • Anchal Lall is an enterprise agile transformation consultant and agile coach with expertise in implementing SAFe across organizations globally. Anchal has transformed programs and organizations from “no agile” to fully agile & DevOps squads.
  • John Zak delivers strategic business value by organizing teams and enabling project execution. As a program and project manager spanning 14 years, he has delivered value stream governance and transformation change management.

Accelerating value through scaled business agility

Business agility involves more than just technology change. CGI takes a holistic approach that factors in organizational culture and complexity, business alignment, and human connections. Read more in our white paper on improving business agility in unprecedented times.

As a leading provider of agile strategies, methodologies, services and expertise, we work with organizations across industries to drive and accelerate agile transformation and delivery.

As the first Scaled Agile Global Transformation Partner, CGI has extensive experience in providing transformational consulting, coaching and training services to help enterprises and organizations implement the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®). This partner distinction illustrates CGI’s proven ability to help the largest, most distributed and complex enterprises around the globe deliver faster value with higher quality. CGI understands the unique needs of our clients and tailors agile methods for optimal fit. This includes the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)® for large-scale implementation of agile methods across an organization or in extensive projects.