With a commitment to improving the lives of its professionals, CGI launched a global health and wellness program in 2009 called Oxygen that provides a range of health-related services and resources to CGI members worldwide.

Oxygen implements global, regional and local initiatives designed to help members better understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and take steps toward improving their health.

For example, the program launched an interactive, 15-minute health questionnaire that provides each member who completes it with an individualized and confidential health assessment. This assessment highlights areas of strength, health risk factors, and suggestions and tools for making positive change.

Aggregated and de-personalized data from the questionnaire is collected to analyze the overall health of the CGI community and identify strategic health priorities. In addition, regional data is used to develop custom-tailored health programs for specific regions.

Oxygen also organizes CGI’s annual Walk Around the World event in which members across the globe gather on a designated day to walk together in celebration of good health. In addition, it promotes and supports the participation of members in various health-related events at the regional and local level.

Oxygen also offers an interactive health portal that puts the focus squarely on members’ health. The portal provides an impressive array of health information to help members take advantage of local health services and enable them to take concrete steps to improve their health and wellness.

“Oxygen has proven to be a great investment and asset for CGI, helping us to generate awareness of the importance of health and wellness among members and provide them with support in making healthier lifestyle choices,” said Julie Godin, CGI executive vice-president, global human resources and strategic planning. “We look forward to continuing to build and expand the program across CGI.”

Numbers that talk

  • More than 31,000 members are registered on the Oxygen Portal
  • More than 19,000 participated in the 2013 Walk Around the World
  • Tens of thousands of members have completed the 15-minute health questionnaire