Environmental regulatory management

Improving and accelerating the path to enforcement

Having a complete view of the regulatory landscape and enforcing compliance efficiently and cost-effectively are key priorities for environmental regulatory agencies. Meeting these priorities requires technologies that improve data management, automate processes and enable self-service.

CGI offers an environmental regulatory management system TEMPO360® to address these needs. TEMPO360 covers all major regulatory functions, including permitting, licensing, inspections, compliance, enforcement, fee collections and more, improving each through better data collection and analytics, as well as process automation. In addition, it empowers agencies to offer these services to constituents online via a self-service model that includes a Public Access Portal and a Regulatory Services Portal, while also providing agency employees with mobile access to information and processes in the field.

TEMPO360 advantages

TEMPO-based solutions manage more than 1.5 million active permits and licenses and collects more than $500 million in fee revenue per year. With TEMPO360, environmental regulatory agencies benefit from the following:

  • Constituent self-service (during business hours or non-business hours)
  • Process automation
  • Reduced paper burden
  • Improved data access and quality (through accuracy checks at the point of data entry)
  • Increased productivity (accomplish more with fewer resources)
  • Secure access and user authentication
  • Increased regulatory compliance

One client reduced submission error rates by more than 90 percent for a specific permit type. For another client, the automation of land use permit processing reduced the processing time from three months to minutes. Another client improved overall permit process efficiency by 80 percent. In the U.S., TEMPO-based solutions are used by 10,000 users across 10 state and local governments.

TEMPO360 supports more than 140 types of constituent self-service transactions and more than 300 permit and license types. With its flexible, modular design, new self-service transactions and permit/license types can be developed and added based on your organization’s specific requirements. In addition, TEMPO360 modules can be used as stand-alone applications or can be integrated with other modules and existing administrative systems.

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