Maximizing the power of mobile technology

Developing an effective enterprise mobile strategy and the right apps are only the beginning to maximizing the power of mobile technology. Ongoing deployment, management and evolution are critical to realizing the full benefits of a mobile enterprise. Mobile device management (MDM), bring-your-own device strategies (BYOD) and a mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) provide what clients need to effectively manage large numbers of mobile devices, apps, networks and user groups and ensure their business keeps pace with the rapidly changing mobile space.

CGI delivers MDM, BYOD and MEAP services and solutions to clients worldwide, minimizing the complexity, challenges and costs of running a mobile enterprise and helping them achieve their mobile vision and business goals.

What we offer

CGI offers complete MDM capabilities covering core MDM functions, including device, app, configuration, security and compliance management. Organizations are able to add or remove mobile devices within their IT environments, deploy and track apps, configure and update device settings, wipe or lock lost or stolen devices, monitor compliance with corporate policies, and more. All of this can be done centrally, remotely and securely, whether devices are corporate-issued or personally owned.

MDM is a vital part in implementing an effective BYOD strategy. CGI's mobility experts can help you develop the right BYOD strategy and policies for your organization to help you maintain control while ensuring tight security, ongoing compliance and network/data integrity.

A MEAP (also referred to as an MADP or mobile application development platform) provides what organizations need to quickly build, deploy and manage mobile apps on an ongoing basis. CGI offers a complete, integrated MEAP environment with robust security capabilities that allow clients to develop a mobile application once and then deploy it to a variety of mobile devices without modifying the underlying business logic. The platform also facilitates app integration, updating and tracking, as well as usage analysis and reporting.

The value we deliver

CGI's MDM and MEAP services and solutions are helping organizations across the globe to achieve the following competitive advantages:

  • Highly efficient, centralized mobile data, device and app management
  • Faster app development and deployment
  • Enhanced data, app and device security
  • Increased productivity (by as much as 20 percent)
  • Reduced investment and support costs
  • Faster response to changing business needs and emerging technologies

Why CGI?

In business for nearly four decades, CGI offers vast experience in the mobile space through our mobile work with major organizations worldwide. Our large pool of mobility experts continually innovate and drive transformation across the mobile space, including within the MDM, BYOD and MEAP areas. We offer our own intellectual property solutions, as well as industry-leading solutions through our partnerships with top mobile innovators. We also combine mobile technology with expertise in enterprise resource planning, business intelligence, cloud computing and other key areas, to bring increased value to our clients. In addition, we offer a wide range of delivery options through our global delivery model, as well as a flexible sourcing model, to meet the unique business needs of each client.