Mobile application development and management

Building the right apps, the right way

The demand for mobile apps is increasing at breakneck speed. To stay competitive, it's become imperative for organizations to integrate mobile technology into their current IT environments and implement mobile apps that drive collaboration, productivity, differentiation and customer/citizen engagement and satisfaction.

The challenge is deciding which apps are needed, how to integrate them with existing Web and client/server applications, and how to manage them on an ongoing basis as mobile technology continues to rapidly evolve. To succeed, specialized expertise is needed, along with new processes, technologies and methodologies.

CGI has been at the forefront of mobile technology since its inception, working with organizations across the globe to build, deploy and maintain innovative mobile apps that drive business performance. The shift to mobile demands a shift in how applications are developed and managed, and CGI helps organizations make that shift through comprehensive mobile application development and management services.

What we offer

CGI has delivered end-to-end enterprise application development and management services for nearly four decades, developing specialized mobile expertise when the technology first emerged. Since then, we've worked with organizations across the globe to build, implement and manage results-driven enterprise mobile apps.

We help clients assess the types of apps they need based on their business goals, choose the right technologies and development approach, integrate security and privacy standards, and quickly deploy. We also deliver specialized mobile app testing services.

In addition, we help clients effectively manage their mobile apps, regardless of number or location, as well as evolve those apps to keep pace with the rapid advances in mobile technology. We use mobile-specific management methodologies and tools proven to ensure high quality and accelerated releases.

The value we deliver

CGI's mobile application development and management services are delivering the following competitive advantages to organizations worldwide:

  • Higher quality apps to meet higher user expectations
  • Flexible sourcing model and global delivery capabilities
  • Increased security and privacy
  • Superior testing capabilities and results
  • Accelerated launch of new releases
  • Reduced investment and support costs

Why CGI?

CGI offers deep mobile technology experience and expertise across a wide range of industries and businesses. We've delivered enterprise mobility solutions to clients around the world, including warehouse management and distribution solutions for 3,500 warehouses and more than 20,000 users, field service solutions for more than 15,000 users, mobile solutions for 18,000 rail employees, and more. CGI has also successfully delivered consumer apps for the finance, transport and logistics, and public sectors.

We have a strong background in enterprise resource planning, business intelligence and cloud computing technologies, which bring increased value to our mobile offerings. We also provide high-quality information security services that extend beyond multi-point authentication to deliver the highest levels of data and infrastructure security possible. In addition, we offer clients our own intellectual property, as well as industry-leading solutions through our partnerships with many of the world's top mobile innovators.