Enterprise content management (ECM)

Improve operational efficiency and deliver environmental benefits

When it comes to critical business processes, organizations must effectively capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver enterprise content to make informed business decisions. CGI applies enterprise content management (ECM) solutions to integrate and streamline processes, and make pertinent data more accessible across the enterprise. The results: improved performance, greater productivity, and reduced cost and risk.

What is ECM?

ECM is the process of converting offline information such as paper, microfilm or microfiche to computer images and managing all unstructured electronic content, such as documents, web pages, emails or scanned images. Historically, CGI puts offline content at the fingertips of our clients and streamlines back-office operations from months to weeks, or weeks to days. From placing 50 years of life insurance policy information online to scanning and capturing data on 40 million pages in a single year at the Virginia Department of Taxation, ECM is a core part of every clients' operating business models.

Is ECM for you?

Are you aware of operational inefficiencies in your current business process? Do you feel like you have an abundance of information, but no real strategy for effectively managing it? Are some of your business processes seemingly spinning out of control? Is your next-generation customer demanding information faster and more distributed than ever before? "I get it now" products like iTunes, Amazon, Facebook and video on demand have altered the paradigm for succeeding in today's global market. Not to worry—an effective enterprise content management strategy followed by a successful ECM roll-out can help you succeed even in the most traditional business environments.

CGI: A history of successful innovation

CGI actively maintains one of largest dedicated ECM practices among the major IT services firms and has helped clients store, share, preserve and manage content for over 25 years across a variety of industries, including financial services, government, health and insurance.

From being recognized in Business Solutions Magazine and the Honolulu Star Bulletin to winning numerous awards and accolades, CGI is a renowned leader in enterprise content management. CGI has experience with a range of products and technologies, in which CGI won innovation awards in 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2009.

CGI's offering and approach

CGI has delivered hundreds of ECM initiatives and has strategic alliances with leading ECM/BPM vendors.

Our ECM expertise includes content management, imaging, business process management, records management, web content management, COLD and email management. Through our local operating model, we adapt to each client's way of conducting business, serving as true on-the-ground partners who can fully address client business needs while providing relevant experience.

CGI offers the following core enterprise content management services:

  • ECM strategy: CGI helps organizations design an overall approach to enterprise content management from software selection to functional goals to determining effective roll-out schedules.
  • ECM core functionality: CGI works with clients to implement a full range of best-in-class, out-of-the-box content management software packages to meet your business needs.
  • Implementation services: CGI offers ECM customization services based on CGI and industry best practices tailored to ensure high client satisfaction for enterprise content management projects.
  • ECM program services: Clients achieve added value by incorporating CGI solutions such as Sovera® and by applying CGI's world-class capabilities within our targeted industries.

CGI's ECM alliances

CGI's ECM expertise is drawn from a team of dedicated experts and a vast network of ECM partners. These partnerships provide clients access to the right solution to allow CGI clients to continue to succeed and grow.

Contact and additional information

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