Digital industry expertise

Helping industry leaders become digital leaders

Each year through CGI’s Voice of Our Clients program, we conduct in-person, in-depth interviews with 1,000 clients to have a dialogue on their top industry trends and business and IT priorities. The global insights from these interviews demonstrate a driving need to transform to become digital-centric organizations.

CGI works with clients across the industries we serve to reduce complexity and deliver transforming end-to-end digital services—from consulting services to determine the best-fit digital transformation approach, to innovative digital solutions and related systems integration work, to transformational IT outsourcing and business process services that lower the costs and complexity of running and transforming systems.

Learn more about how we are partnering with our clients to help transform their industries.

  • Transformational outsourcing and application modernization to evolve business support and partner systems for communication service providers (CSPs)
  • Digital customer experience consulting and solutions to improve the customer experience and digital commerce across stores and devices
  • Locally based support, quick response time and accountability through CGI’s business model, which prioritizes client proximity when the client’s operations require it
  • Digital insight services to help CSPs better manage churn, marketing and planning
  • IoT consulting, business enablement and M2M platforms to drive new revenue streams and cost savings


  • End-to-end IT services, including roadmap development, legacy infrastructure transformation, SaaS/cloud technology deployment and outsourcing, to address budget pressures
  • Digital transformation services—from strategy development and advanced data analytics, to omni-channel delivery, customer journey automation and more
  • Payments modernization, including the implementation of new customer-centric, value-add payment services and increased payment service efficiencies across the bank
  • Best-in-class compliance and cybersecurity capabilities for enhanced business control and performance


  • End-to-end cyber insurance services and solutions
  • Solutions such as Ratabase to drive the design, development and release of new products in the fastest time possible
  • Insurance risk information platform that shares vast amounts of data across the insurance value chain and turns valuable insight into opportunities
  • Core systems transformation for more than 200 insurers worldwide, using advanced digital, data analytics and customer management technologies

(global contact network for fulfilling citizen request) and CGI Case Management (automated workflow and collaboration for cases, files and applications)

  • Data2Diamonds, Patient Safety Service and Healthcare Enterprise Optimization solutions to help clients derive valuable business insights from data
  • Patient-centered care through solutions such as CGI CommunityCare360, which connects patients, clinicians, home care workers and first responders
  • Managed Technology + Equipment Service for IT and medical equipment outsourcing that allows clients to focus on transformation, not technology
  • Solutions and services for reducing claims fraud, waste and abuse, as well as detect, remedy and prevent claims fraud, pre- and post-payment
  • Enterprise content management solutions such as CGI Sovera, which streamlines processes for more than 1,000 health facilities and manages more than six billion patient records
  • Supply chain optimization through services and solutions such as CGI’s Manufacturing Atlas, which offers a proven methodology for optimizing manufacturing IT and operations
  • Manufacturing execution system (MES) business strategy development and technology selection, implementation and lifetime management
  • IoT, mobility and other enabling technologies in areas such as field and predictive maintenance to enable smart manufacturing IoT
  • Use of supply chain and customer intelligence to extract actionable insights from large volumes of data using our Data2Diamonds methodology and predictive analytics
  • Management of information as a corporate asset across the entire oil and gas value chain to derive insights from geological, production, customer and purchasing data
  • Management of critical application portfolios for oil and gas majors
  • Exploration2Revenue (X2R) solution to optimize the upstream back office using mobile, digital and cloud technologies
  • Payment and loyalty programs, including systems that process 1.5 billion fuel card transactions and manage $100 billion in fuel card payments per year
  • Health, safety and environment solutions, VantagePoB, which tracks 95 percent of UK oil and gas offshore personnel movements and ProSteward360, which streamlines global hazardous materials compliance
  • Modernization of client systems using a unique application modernization roadmap and portfolio management approach to reduce operational costs, increase agility and improve customer focus
  • Digital and IoT technologies to help clients enhance processes through interconnected devices and effective data management
  • Collaboration with other industry innovators to explore and develop logistics solutions for harnessing real-time information across the entire supply chain, including iCargo, a European research project
  • Design and implementation of intelligent transport systems to transform and optimize the planning, execution and measurement of freight movements
  • Integration services for the physical and digital worlds, creating a “phygital” customer experience using a wide range of technologies, including mobile, IoT, cloud, beacons, MPOS/clienteling and wearables
  • Real-time insight into customer behaviors through the latest technologies, including predictive analytics
  • IT and business process optimization across the entire value chain to increase agility, operational visibility across all channels and cost savings
  • End-to-end cybersecurity capabilities, real-time monitoring and managed cybersecurity services
  • Digital workforce strategies and technologies, such as a solution for converting road inspectors’ cars into a digital workplace to achieve more efficient incident management and maintenance of road infrastructures
  • Award-winning customer intelligence solutions, such as our mobile apps for train occupancy (iNStapp), train arrival (My Train) and trip planning (Helsinki Journey Planner)
  • Solutions for capturing, analyzing and using real-time data, such as our smart data solution for the Helsinki, Finland, bus system and our CGI Traffic360 solution for auditing toll operations for highway authorities
  • In-flight/on-board retail solutions such as Pro Logistica to create 360 degree customer visibility, increase automation and streamline operations and cost savings