Test drive our digital strategy and roadmap approach When it comes to digital transformation technology is only part of the answer. Realizing the promise of digital requires transformation across three areas—organization, business model and technology. CGI has a digital ...
Over the last few years, I’ve spent a lot of time proposing and delivering Proofs of Concept (POCs) and enterprise RPA projects. Based on these experiences, here are some lessons learned for any leadership team looking to embark on their ...

Digital consulting

Over the next three years, many industries will reach a digital tipping point, putting increasing pressure on the 60% of organizations not moving fast enough. To succeed in a digital world, a holistic digital transformation strategy is required—one that helps an organization become agile and drive change at the right pace and scale.
Over the past two years, CGI has developed a Digital Transformation Methodology that provides tools, exercises and templates, sets critical milestones, and, most importantly, raises the key questions to ask and think about in developing and executing an effective digital strategy and roadmap.
Our framework starts with the assumption that enterprise-wide organizational and cultural changes are required to become an agile business. It’s also based on the assumption that every roadmap and strategy differs based on a client’s organizational structure and business objectives. We therefore develop a custom approach based on each client’s unique situation.
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