Our commitment to CGI's professionals

Fostering a high quality of life for all who join us

Our success as a responsible corporate citizen depends on the talent, drive and commitment of our professionals, whom we call "members" to signify that CGI is their company. Our policies around human resources—particularly in the promotion of health and wellness and in making every member an owner—helps us to live out our CGI dream and values.

Contributing to members' health and wellness

At CGI, our commitment to corporate social responsibility extends to our most valuable resource—our members. By focusing on the well-being of our 74,000 professionals, we increase member satisfaction, and improve the quality of services we offer to our clients.

This commitment is governed by CGI's health and wellness policy (PDF) and put into practice through various resources, including educational programs and events—from nutrition, weight loss and stress management seminars to gym access and fitness challenges—that help members achieve a higher quality of life. To commemorate our good health, each year we hold a Walk Around the World event, where thousands of members take time to meet together and walk as a way to focus on our collective well-being.

Acting as owners

An astounding 85% of us are CGI shareholders, which leads to responsible decision making and the ongoing growth of a sustainable company. The CGI culture and our member management programs allow members, as owners, to fully participate in the life and development of their company.

Members are encouraged to take part in the continuous improvement of their working environment and satisfaction by sharing their ideas and suggestions. Moreover, they have a right to information. Our policies and internal collaboration tools provide for an open dialogue concerning our company, clients, members and shareholders.

In addition, CGI is committed to job creation, which is especially significant in these economic times. Our strategy is to develop delivery centers of excellence across our global operations. Our unique local and global delivery model—with onshore, nearshore and offshore centers—provide our clients with multiple delivery options and preserves and creates jobs for our member owners.