Ethics and corporate governance

Acting with integrity and accountability

At CGI, we believe strong ethics and corporate governance are integral to our commitment to corporate social responsibility. Acting with integrity and accountability are essential to making a positive contribution to our clients, professionals and shareholders, as well as to the communities in which we live and work.

CGI's Code of Ethics and corporate governance guide our decision making and practices to ensure we live up to our core values and are open, transparent and accountable in our interactions with all of our stakeholders.

CGI's Code of Ethics

The CGI Code of Ethics and Business Conduct reinforces the importance of conducting business in an ethically sound manner. It provides guidance for CGI members, officers and directors in maintaining the professionalism that has earned our company an enviable reputation among our clients and within our industry.

Upon joining CGI, all members, as part of their employment contract, commit to following the Code, and this commitment is renewed annually as part of their performance reviews.

Strong corporate governance

From our founding, CGI has invested substantially in corporate governance to ensure we exceed the expectations of our stakeholders and operate a strong, productive and sustainable company that benefits society as a whole.

The CGI Management Foundation includes client, shareholder and member management frameworks that lay out clear and proven practices for building and maintaining relationships with our stakeholders, including ensuring open and transparent communication on all material issues.

Our corporate governance frameworks also include performance metrics that are consistently applied across the company. Results are made visible to and monitored at all management levels. In addition, we take great pride in reporting our results externally in an open and transparent manner.

Our corporate reporting approach has garnered industry recognition, including a 2011 Award of Excellence for Corporate Reporting in Life Sciences / Technology from the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA).

CGI's corporate governance also ensures independence of the Board of Directors from Company Management and the Board maintains a governance committee responsible for oversight and accountability.